Introduction to Probability and Statistics TT 2023

Scheduling. We meet in Weeks 1, 3, 5, and (optionally 7) of Trinity Term, on Thursday mornings in Room 10.3 in Corpus.

Organisation. This module of the Prelims Economics sequence is structured rather differently from the other modules. The course material consists entirely of pre-recorded lectures and demonstration classes, you should view these according to the schedule laid out below.

Handing in work.  Work for the tutorial in week t should be handed in by 9 am on Tuesday of week t. It should be handed in, in physical form, to my pidge in the Corpus Lodge. Late work will not be marked. 

Content. Since they are the main reference for this course, you should study the lecture slides closely. To supplement the first three parts of the lectures,  James has also provided you with these notes (ignore the guidance on page ii, which is for the benefit of QE students) that should fill in some of the gaps left by the lectures. I also strongly encourage you to peruse the sections from Blitzstein & Hwang (2019), Introduction to Probability (2nd ed.), that are referred to in the notes.  You can view the entirety of the book online here. As you work through the course material, you should attempt the questions set for the demonstration classes (denoted 'Demo') below, in advance of watching the recordings of those, in order to consolidate your knowledge of the material.

Format. In tutorials we will cover the problems you complete prior to the class.

Tutorial 1 (Week 1)

Lectures: P0-P3, D0-D6 + Demo 1, 2, and 3

Notes: Notes, Sec. 1, 2., and 3, and references to BH therein.

Problems: 21TTq7; 21LVq9(OR); 22COq1; 21LVq9(EITHER)(b)

Tutorial 2 (Week 3)

Lectures: S0-S7 + Demo 4

Reading: Notes, Sec. 4 and 5, and references to BH therein

Problems: 21TTq8; 21LVq7

Tutorial 3 (Week 5)

Lectures: C0--C6, and T0-T7 + Demo 5, and 6

Problems: 22COq3; 22COq4(e); 21TTq9(OR)(e); 22COq4(c); 21TTq9(OR)(c); 21TTq9(OR)(d)

Office hours (Week 7)

Entirely optional drop-in session where you can come with questions about any element of the course.